Saturday, May 3, 2008

Grilled Red Snapper

200 gr red snapper fish fillet
150 gr mashed potatos
50 gr broccoli
50 gr cauliflower
50 baby corn
50 gr carrot

Sauce Flavours:
100 gr chilli peppers
50 gr lemongrass
50 gr shallots
1 pc lime
4 tablespoons vegetables oil
3 pcs lime leaves
1/4 teaspoon shrimp pasta
1 teaspoon salt

Cooking Method:

1. Rub the red snapper fish fillet with lime juice and let it stand for 20 minutes
2. Grill it until brown and oily. Removed.
3. Slice chilli pepper, lime leaves, lemongrass
4. Toast shrimp pasta
5. Put into bowl with hot vegetables oil and sliced chilli pepper, lime leaves and lemongrass
6. Seasoned with salt and lime juiced
7. Boil vegetables and sauteed with garlic
8. Put mashed potatos on the plate and grilled fillet fish on the top
9. Pour sauced and serve with sauteed vegetables.

photo by Tri Indaryani
cooked by Cinnamon Cafe i Hotel

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