Thursday, July 17, 2008

Special Chicken Porridge

250 gram rice
1 tablespoon salt
500 ml mineral water
500 ml chicken broth
20 gr fried chicken. Chopped
20 gr fried chicken liver. Chopped
20 gr ca kwe
20 gr fried soybean
2 pcs green onion. Minced
3 pcs celery. Minced
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Shrimp chips sufficient
Chilli sauce sufficient

Cooking Method:

1. Cooked rice with mineral water. Stirred well till become porridge
2. Add salt and cooked well. removed
3. To make broth, boiled chicken broth and add salt. Cooked till boil. removed
4. Pour porridge to the bowl
5. Add chopped fried chicken, fried chicken liver, fried soybean, celery and green onion
6. Served hot with chicken broth, ca kwe, soy sauce, chilli sauce and shrimp chips

photo by Nurul Iman

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